Com Publishing

This is a traditional publishing company that is making the leap into the world of self publishing. That is what their name com and their portal logo represent. With the great interweaving of information and technology, this company recognized the importance to represent themselves with internet savvy.


The concept of this branding project is A portal for readers to escape reality. The portal represents an on-line resource for writers and readers to connect through new media.


The C, O, and Portal share the same shape. The circle can represent the world. And the portal as a gateway between reality and fiction.


Readers should perceive this company as being creative. Dark Purple is a creative color and represents the writers talents. This will have a positive effect on people who are looking for an enjoyable read.


COM represents the most pervasive domain in the internet. COM's aim is equally broad: to bring writers and readers together where they can already be found, interacting on the web.