the hollow reed

A hollow reed represents a bamboo flute. This type of flute symbolizes a bittersweet mood through the harmonious crying sound it makes. The theme is modern eastern, utilizing shades of blue han, pairing contrasting type faces, in a blue morning setting.


This site was built as an alternative to blogging on social networks. The client wanted to house his creative writing on his own site that is designed to compliment his style. I built a parallax intro page to help it stand out and set the mood. The content is laid out using the popular masonry brick laid style. It is fully responsive to fit any size device. For this I set breaking points for the content to fill all available space in the browser window. I also developed a full brand identity for the client. The identity was adapted from the poem The Reed Flutes Song by Rūmī. The site has a distraction free writing space to comfortably sit down and create.